Thorough Examinations

Every animal needs a comprehensive physical exam at least annually. During this visit our doctors will discuss your pet’s health, diet, behavior and grooming needs.

Full Diagnostic Capabilities

In-house blood work including chemistries and complete blood counts, on-site laboratory for urinalyses, fecal exams, and cytology. X-ray capabilities using computed radiography.

Advanced Anesthesia

Anesthesia protocols are developed for each individual pet with consideration of that animal’s age, disease states and unique challenges. We monitor them using Doppler blood pressure monitors and apnea monitors, along with measurements of heart rate, EKG, pulse oximetery, CO2 levels and temperature.

Routine and Major Surgery

Including but not limited to abdominal exploratories, bladder surgery, intestinal resection and anastomosis, mass removal, amputations, mammary surgery and many orthopedic surgeries. We use a state-of-the-art surgical CO2 laser to decrease surgery time, post-operative complications and the pain associated with surgery.

Preventative Care Plans

Our individualized preventative care plans are based on your pet’s exposures, risks, life stage and environment. Includes heartworm testing, diet recommendations, leukemia and immunodeficiency viral testing, vaccinations and more.

Excellent Nursing Care

Our nurses are Certified Veterinary Technicians and Associate Degree Technicians who have obtained degrees in veterinary technology. This allows our patients to be well monitored by experienced, caring technicians at all times.

Pain Management

All patients who might be in pain are treated with the appropriate pain control including injectable multi-modal pain control, transdermal patches, local nerve blocks and epidurals.

Comprehensive Pharmacy

Most medications are available at the time they are prescribed. We also use compounding pharmacies to create palatable treats so medicating cats is easier.

Extensive Dental Procedures

State-of-the-art dentistry capabilities, including an ultrasonic scaler, high speed hand piece with fiber optics, polisher and a dental x-ray machine.

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  • I wanted to tell you guys thank you for always caring so much about my cats. And for recommending I give my little girl fish oil to help her dry skin. She's always had dry skin problems on her belly and after two months of fish oil on her food she is as smooth and soft as can be! I highly recommend for all Colorado animals! Thanks again!—Stephanie M.
  • I would never go anywhere else. These people are amazing and make you feel so comfortable. And they love their job cause you can tell when they handle your babies.—Edmond M.
  • Our 9 week old puppy got into something right before we brought her home. We were either at Tender Touch or talking on the phone with their amazing doctors every day for two weeks. She is a happy and healthy 8 mo. old thanks to everyone at TTAH. I highly highly recommend them!—Janie G.
  • Love, Love, Love Tender Touch. They saved my Maine Coon Cat, Smuckers, life after she was attacked by a dog. They are very good and I would always recommend them!—Thomas S.